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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Chirrrrp Chirrrp

The sound of cricktes . . .

A tumbleweed rolls by . . .

An old man falls down dead and no one notices . . .

Jeez, why not just go back to calling this thing "Art Sluts"? No one is posting anything anyway, so it's not like anyone will be coming to this blog to see new work. I guess all of my concerns were for nothing.

A cow moos . . .

The wind blows . . .

A blog falls down dead and no one notices . . .



Blogger Grant Gould said...

yeah, i'm bummed it's so slow around here. who knows, maybe it'll pick up :)

it's too bad doesn't have some way i can keep track of how many hits this place gets.

Blogger Otis Frampton said...

I'm a bit bummed too, obviously. With all of the artists involved, this place should be packed with artwork.

Oh well.

""it's too bad doesn't have some way i can keep track of how many hits this place gets.""

One of the many reasons I use TypePad for my blog. :)


Blogger Mark Raats said...

I am also really sorry that the show of work is so slow on this blog, but I doubt its because there is no interest. Talking from my point of view, "work" is getting in the way of art and I am not doing any SW related stuff at the moment - just head down doing my 'real job'. Great pity to see such a decent resource not being utilised, but then hopefully it is early days....

Blogger Cat Staggs said...

i gotta make art to post art...and i am slow....sorry.. I will do better

Anonymous PI said...

I come everday,
there is some cool stuff here, helps younger artists with their quest.

PS. One cannot fall down if he is already there. This blog can only go up. It will get better.

Blogger Otis Frampton said...

Thanks for responding, everyone.

Sorry for ranting. But after all of the "blog name" drama, it just seemed odd that only Grant and I were posting stuff.

Good to know people are watching.

And thanks for posting, Mark. Great stuff.


Blogger Checkmark said...

I know this is an old post, but I it will get better. I've been doing my blog for about a year now, and it was as slow as possible at first. It picks up if you just keep going.

Anyways, this site is awesome. Don't stop it, I want more art to look at.


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