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Monday, February 13, 2006

Maul Monday

I was only gonna' post sketches here, but Grant made me post this. I swear to Jeebus I wasn't copying you, Grant. I'm doing 5 other SW villains as a set of marker drawings to bring to Comic-Con. :)

But if anyone else wants to get in on the Maul cavilcade, feel free! Maybe we should get a weekly theme going to liven this blog up a bit.



Blogger Grant Gould said...

I love that pic, man! And ya know.. that's not a bad idea. Choose a new character each week.. Of course, you and I would probably be the only ones participating. heh :D

Blogger Otis Frampton said...

I know. I hear crickets chirp whenever I come here.

It's too bad more artists don't post here. With all of the contributors listed, this should be packed with artwork.


Blogger Amy Pronovost said...

Awesome. I haven't drawn maul in forever. :D

Anonymous Amos said...

I really like your stuff Mr. Farmpton.
Could you say how much would something like this sell for in CC.

QA: Why is it you never give backgrounds to your works?


Anonymous amos said...

Other questions:
How long does it usually take you to finish a work like this?
and how long does it take you to think of it?

Blogger Otis Frampton said...


I have no idea how much these should go for. NO IDEA AT ALL. I guess we'll find out.

To say I never do backgrounds in my work is not accurate. Look through my gallery at my site or my comic, "Oddly Normal". Backgrounds galore. I just didn't feel like giving actual backgrounds to these drawings.

These take an hour or two from rough sketch to final marker stroke. The Darth Vader piece took the longest.



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