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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Wow alot of great posts so far. Sorry I've been out of the loop..but will make a point to post more often now. Wanted to put up some character drawings that I did for a comic that I'll officially working on from Viper Comics (Otis's home for his book Oddly Normal) called Johnny Blasters M-Force. IN a nutshell their weapons shoot marshmellows. You can see the original characters and the actual Marshmellow shooters here I never even knew these existed.

The drawings that I'll put up are my takes on the characters. This will be a 4 issue mini and is volume 2. Whenever I can post pgs. I will...but for now I can show character sketches that I did as samples to get the gig. Issue 1 won't hit to late this year early next year.

Pencils: Me
Inks/colors: Sven


Blogger Mark Raats said...

I really love the way you guys use your line. It is so simple and so effective. Somehow I always tend to end up with zillions of them - but ultimately it does not tell the story any better. I think I should really work at emulating your approach. Fine work. Thanks for sharing

Blogger Grant Gould said...

Congrats, Paul! That's awesome :)

Can't wait to see more!

Blogger Checkmark said...

Marshmallow guns are the future of weaponry! Good job too, I like the gun.

Blogger Otis Frampton said...


Why didn't you tell me you were doing something for Viper!?! I knew about the Marshmelloe book, but didn't know you were attached. Very cool. Welcome aboard, Viper is a great home. :)


Blogger Paul Gutierrez said...

Hey OTis. Well it wasn't official till a few days ago when all the contracts were signed. Yeah did the character drawings about a month or so ago..the client wanted us to do volume 2 and the rest is history.


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