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Friday, February 03, 2006

Some '05 Sketches

Here's a look at a few of the doodles that were in my sketchbook from last year. I'm gonna get started working on my '06 book this weekend. Assuming I don't sleep for 48 hours straight. :)


Blogger Paul Gutierrez said...

These are cool Grant! I really really digg that Iron Man!

Blogger Grant Gould said...

thanks, dude! one of these days i need to draw a full-body iron man. he's always been one of my fave superheroes :)

Blogger Tom Hodges said...

I also like the Iron Man. I've been so busy with inking the Graphic Novel, I haven't done much doodling. Thank goodness I have a show next week!

Blogger Cat Staggs said...

man i wish i could make minimal sketches...I just can't stop .. I work them to death.

I really like theses alot especially the Iron Man

Blogger Mark Raats said...

Brilliant work as always!! I have to echo what Cat Staggs said - great to see such a economical use of line. I also tend to work and work at the pieces. To be able to establish both the nature of the character and the emotional state with quick strokes is talent indeed. Peace

Blogger Grant Gould said...

thanks, guys :D i'm glad people like my sketches -- it's always fun to draw this kinda stuff.


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