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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Two Towers

I tried this one for the Two Towers, working on a buff paper with paint and pencil.

I quite liked the weight of the eyes at the top of the composition (homage to Drew with his poster for EP1), but overall I do not like the finished piece because of the "yellow" tone the illustration.

I also do not like my drawing of Frodo - who I really thought ended up looking shocking.


Blogger Checkmark said...

Looks awesome to me. Great job again! The Gandalf has perfect expression, just like in the movie. Saruman's eyes are real good too.

Blogger Cat Staggs said...

the composition is beautiful. I love the position of the toweers and I absolutly LOVE the drawing of Gandolf. They yellow tone works really well, I think it was a happy accident. The ring ind the eye are wonderfully done...and I have to stop now cuz i am running out of adjectives.

Blogger Grant Gould said...

did you do a "return of the king" one too?

Blogger Mark Raats said...

Damn!! Thanks guys! These comments are really unexpected especially since I don't think this is very good. No Grant, I didn't do one for "Kings" due to lack of time. I did do the cartoon of Peter Jackson though. They used it on t-shirts, which was great fun for me to do!


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