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Monday, April 24, 2006

Dallas Comic Con Program Cover

Hi Kiddies...

I have collaborated on a project with fellow Star Wars Artist Tom Hodges. We were asked to do the cover for the Dallas Comic Con April Show. One of the features guests is Karen Allen of Raiders of the Lost Ark Fame. So we worked through a few ideas and finally decided on the scene in with the medallion and the money.

We wanted to try and split the cover between our two styles. So Tom did the layout sketch and inked it in his style, I then did my thing and fleshed her out. We were going for the Timm/Ross painting the Justice League look. We came out with the above image.

We also decided to try our personal hand at the same image. Me, creating the Photoreal version and Tom his animated version and created this triptych:

It's A Worthless Bronze Medallion, Marion

Skywalker Ranch

People keep asking me what its like to visit the Ranch so I decided perhaps a sketchbook on the LucasFilm Mecca might be in order.

Ironically I have just returned home after spending a fantastic number of days at the Skywalker Ranch as Production Maestro Rick McCallums guest. I floated the idea of the book with him and also to the guys at the marvelous new campus at the Presidio to a very warm reception. By the way, the Letterman Arts Centre is beautiful and its damn fantastic to see the tons of original artwork hanging from every wall (Drew Struzan, Matt Busch et al).

These are some of the concepts I had for the book. A thick leather-bound volume. Now it remains to be seen if they still think the gig is a good idea!! Even if they don't I will do it anyway....

Friday, April 14, 2006

Some new stuff