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Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Artist on Allied ArtBlog...

Hi All...

My name is Paul Shipper, I am an artist who loves to draw all things Lucas, among other things and recently landed my first Star Wars commission from the Ranch...

I will be posting on here as often as I can with any Lucasfilm related
artwork and I hope that we can bring the ArtBlog back to its rightful
existence - I remember when i first stumbled onto this Blog and was
extremely excited to see a place where Lucas Licensed artists could
post their work online for all to see...

Here is a painting I did recently to herald the beginning of production on Indy 4!
Can't wait for this movie - and the possibility of this being the next Trilogy!


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Blogger Grant Gould said...

hey, man -- i had to tell ya, that indy poster you did is awesome. really really cool. :) definitely looking forward to more stuff from you!

Blogger Paul Shipper said...

Thanks Grant!
Look forward to posting more on here in he near future too! Hopefully the other artists will find time to begin contributing again...
All the best and thanks for the great comment! by the way - Liking your updated site!


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